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  • Caring for Electric Golf Carts

    Electric Golf Carts October 5th, 2015 RM Golf Carts

    The best way to make sure your new electric golf cart stays in good shape for as long as possible is by taking good care of it, especially its battery. You want to make sure the battery well cared for since that is what powers… Read more »

  • Advantages of Gas Golf Carts

    Gas Golf Carts July 13th, 2015 RM Golf Carts

    If you are doing some research into the different types of golf carts that are available, you might be learning more about gas golf carts and all of their benefits. We sell gas golf carts near Plymouth, and here is a list of reasons you… Read more »

  • How to Choose the Perfect Custom Golf Cart

    Custom Golf Carts June 19th, 2015 RM Golf Carts

    Golf carts are incredibly versatile. You don’t just find them on the golf course anymore. They can be found in a variety of settings: from farms to retirement communities to vacation homes and everything in between, golf carts are in demand! We specialize in custom… Read more »

  • The Many Benefits of Electric Golf Carts

    Electric Golf Carts April 28th, 2015 RM Golf Carts

    At RM Golf Carts, we sell many different kinds of golf carts, and among the most popular types are electric golf carts. Minneapolis residents love these carts and with good reason! Electric golf carts are a great way to get around, plus they are environmentally… Read more »

  • Welcome to our blog!

    News January 21st, 2015 RM Golf Carts

    Welcome to RM Golf Carts’ blog! We are happy you’re here and interested in reading more about RM Golf Carts and all we have to offer. Our blog will be updated regularly with news, information and other tidbits about RM Golf Carts and what we’re… Read more »