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When is the Right Time to Buy a Used Golf Cart?

With the weather warming up, Minnesotans everywhere are dusting off their golf carts and getting outdoors. Have you been daydreaming of warmer days ahead, riding around in a golf cart of your very own? Whether you plan on hitting the golf course this spring or are simply looking for a better way to get around your compound or community, a golf cart is a great way to do so. You may, however, be wondering if now is the right time to buy. At RM Golf Carts, we have a wide assortment of golf carts for sale and would love to tell you more about them and what makes now a great time to buy one. We are the trusted experts in new, gas and electric golf carts as well as used golf carts in Otsego so when you’re ready to find the right golf cart for you, come by and see what we have in stock.

used golf carts otsego

In the early spring, used golf carts begin to spring up in great supply and in a variety of styles and colors. During the winter, golf courses and other businesses that utilize large quantities of golf cars turn in their whole fleet in pursuit of new vehicles. That makes now an excellent time to find the very best in used golf carts. These vehicles offer excellent values for residential buyers and small business buyers as well. And, when one of these vehicles comes in for trade, we refurbish them and make sure they run and look great.

The biggest advantage to buying used golf carts in the spring is that you will have the first pick of the refurbished trade-ins. You might find one in the right color that has just the accessories you want; if not, you will have time to get your new golf car decked out as you want it. At RM Golf Carts we carry a wide variety of golf cart accessories to help you customize your golf cart to meet your unique needs.

Are you ready to find your new golf cart? Visit our showroom in Ramsey to browse through our selection or take a look at our gallery. Our inventory changes daily and includes used Club Cars, E-Z Go, and Yamaha golf carts. Even though you may be working on a reduced budget, as we all do sometimes, we still have an amazing selection of pre-owned golf carts to choose from.

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