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Preparing Your Gas Golf Cart for Winter

The chilly weather is here and winter will be just around the corner. Have you prepared your golf cart for the weather ahead? It is a good idea, before winter especially, to perform proper maintenance to enhance the life of your golf cart. As experts in electric and gas golf carts for Brooklyn Park and the surrounding areas, we’d like to offer some advice to help you either enjoy or properly store your electric or gas golf cart this winter. Looking to hopefully use your golf cart occasionally this winter? Or, will you simply place it in storage until spring? Either way, we have got you covered.


This is one great option but before you store your golf cart away it is important to thoroughly clean it. Use soap & water, degreaser etc to help wash away any dried mud, sand dirt on the cart. Cleaning the golf cart also makes it easier to work on / inspect before storage.

For gas golf carts, drain gasoline from all plumbing and parts from the carburetor to the fuel tank. Any fuel left in the cart over the winter can gum up small parts in the carburetor or the fuel pump. If your golf cart has a shut-off valve, make sure it is in the off position. Also, check your oil and change the fluids.

Disconnect battery cables to help prevent any unnecessary electrical problems from occurring while in storage. Now is also a good time to inflate your tires to the proper pressure before storing.
At RM Golf Carts we also provide golf cart storage! If you need a place to keep your golf cart inside during the winter, let us know!

Accessorizing for Winter

Weather enclosures for electric and gas golf carts are wonderful golf cart accessories that provide shelter from the rain and cold breezes that can make a trip uncomfortable. They are constructed of weather proof material and can be OEM manufactured to ensure a perfect fit. (OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and these are the parts made by the actual golf cart accessories manufacturers and are generally used on the golf carts they make.

Roofs provide overhead protection during cold rainy weather and are necessary for the installation of an enclosure. The right tires and wheels in muddy weather can provide the right traction you need. We can even provide your golf cart with larger off-road wheels.

The right light kits can help you navigate the streets or the trail in any season. Whatever golf cart accessories you need, we can help! And, if your golf cart requires winter storage, rest easy knowing that the best thing you can do for your investment is storing it properly so it can be ready when spring comes. And don’t worry, winter will be over before you know it!

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