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Simple Golf Cart Repair Tips

Has your golf cart been experiencing any issues? It is important to have your golf cart repaired by a reputable golf cart repair service when it is having problems. Until then, as experts in golf cart repair for Oak Grove and the surrounding areas, we’d like to offer a few basic repair tips to help get things started.

golf cart repair

There are a few basic golf cart problems that often arise within the lifetime of a golf cart. And, some of them can even be fixed or investigated at home, including:


If your golf cart isn’t starting, you should always check the battery (and gas if it’s a gas golf cart). And, if the battery isn’t holding its charge, then you may need to replace it or have it replaced by a gold cart repair service.

You may also need to clean off any corrosion you notice. This will allow for more direct contact with the engine. If the acid in your battery is leaking, this is something that can’t be repaired and must be replaced. If you notice leaking acid from the battery, you should contact your golf cart repair company to handle it properly.


Does your golf cart’s brakes seem slow to respond? If they’re slow to respond, take a look at the brake pads to make sure they are still thick enough to provide coverage. Not sure where to look or what to look for? Contact your trusted golf cart repair company to check your brakes for you.


Keeping the tires full is another important part of golf cart maintenance. Over time, you’ll likely need to replace the tires as they wear out. If you do get a flat tire, it may be possible to patch it as a temporary fix, however full replacement should be in the near future. Take your golf cart for repair in the event your tires are worn or flat.

And remember, golf cart repair may seem like a DIY project, since the engine is small and there aren’t nearly as many parts as there are in an automobile. However, think twice before you start replacing or disconnecting parts. For essential repairs, be sure to take it for professional golf cart repair by a reputable company like RM Golf Carts.

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