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Common Reasons for Golf Cart Repair

Just like any other mechanical item out there, golf carts sometimes break down and need to be fixed. We specialize in golf cart repair near New Brighton, and we see a lot of the same types of problems. Here are just a few examples of the types of golf cart repair work that we do and the way we usually fix these issues.

Electric golf cart won’t start (or gas golf cart won’t start)

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one! When was the last time you charged your electric golf cart’s battery or bought a new one? You should bring it to us if you have charged the battery and it’s still not working. Sometimes, we will need to check the water level in the battery. We might also need to clean the battery terminals and cable.

For a gas golf cart, of course we will check to make sure there is enough gas in the tank. If the gas level is fine, we can check the starter and some of the wiring to make sure all of that is in good shape.

Golf cart’s tire is flat

Thankfully, this is usually one of the easiest types of golf cart repair. Almost all of the time, all we need to do is put on a new tire and then make sure the rest of the tires are balanced and fully inflated. You will be back on the road in no time!

Golf cart’s windshield is cracked and broken

This type of golf cart repair is a bit more involved than changing a tire, but this one is also relatively easy to fix. You will not have to wait too long for us to fix your golf cart’s broken windshield.

It’s time for my golf cart’s tune-up

We recommend that you get your golf cart tuned up at least once a year. We can take a look at the cart to see if there are any problems, and we can correct those problems before they become larger issues.

These are just a few of the most common types of golf cart repair that we encounter. Bring your electric or gas golf cart to us so we can take a look, diagnose the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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What to Think about When Buying Golf Cart Accessories

When you’re buying golf cart accessories near Oak Grove, you might be wondering what to think about before you visit our showroom. Sure, you might already know what you need, but there are also a few things to consider before you head down.

For one thing, there are two main types of golf cart accessories and parts. You can get what are known as “OEM” parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and these are the parts made by the actual golf cart accessories manufacturers and are generally used on the golf carts they make.

You can also let us know if you’re in the market for custom golf cart accessories, which we can help with as well. While custom parts and accessories might cost you a bit more, you get the exact part or accessory you are looking for. For example, you might want a specific type or style of seat and maybe there is no manufacturer out there who makes exactly what you want. In this case, you can talk to us about what you want and we can take it from there. We can let you know if we are able to make the part you want (chances are, we can!), and we can work out the specific details with you.

For custom parts, you can even bring in a drawing or a picture of what you have in mind for your golf cart accessories. That way, we have a more concrete idea of what you are looking for, and we can start the customization process and give you an idea of how much your new golf cart accessories and parts might cost. We can talk to you in greater detail about your wants and needs too.

However, OEM parts can be just as useful, especially when it comes to parts and accessories like lights and batteries. For batteries in particular, you want to be sure you get the exact right one for your electric golf cart. We can assist you with this as well so you definitely get the battery you need so your golf cart continues to operate as it should.

Regardless of what golf cart accessories you need, custom or OEM, we can help and we are always happy to answer your questions!

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Caring for Electric Golf Carts

electric golf carts plymouth RM golf cartsThe best way to make sure your new electric golf cart stays in good shape for as long as possible is by taking good care of it, especially its battery. You want to make sure the battery well cared for since that is what powers your cart, so here are a few tips from us on how to care for it. And when you want more information on electric golf carts near Plymouth, call us or visit our showroom.

The first thing you should do is check the water level of your battery every month or every other month if you have an unsealed battery. Keep it filled with the proper amount of water, and be sure not to overfill it. Make sure the plates are not exposed to the air either since that can cause them to corrode.

Some of the most common problems with electric golf carts and their batteries is when people undercharge the batteries. You should not allow your cart to sit inactive for more than two months, and you should not continually operate electric golf carts when the battery is only partially charged. Avoid storing the battery when it is fully discharged. This can lead to the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates, which means you will have to buy a new battery.

But be careful because overcharging can cause problems for electric golf carts too. If you continually overcharge the battery, it can cause accelerated corrosion of the positive plates, too much water consumption and, sometimes, damaging temperatures within the lead acid battery.

While you should not have to worry about getting a new battery any time in the near future if you just bought a new golf cart, one of the first signs that you need a new battery will be when the battery doesn’t work for as long as it used to. Keep an eye on your battery, and take note of about how long a charge usually lasts. As soon as there is a noticeable decrease in that time, you should start looking into getting a new one.

With some basic care and maintenance, electric golf carts are a great choice for a variety of uses: from getting around on the golf course to getting around the campground and more.

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Advantages of Gas Golf Carts

If you are doing some research into the different types of golf carts that are available, you might be learning more about gas golf carts and all of their benefits. We sell gas golf carts near Plymouth, and here is a list of reasons you might consider a gas golf cart.

  • Do you have a big family? If so, keep that in mind when looking at gas golf carts. You do not have to worry about charging your golf cart if you get a gas one. You just have to make sure that it has gas in it.
  • If you are not well versed in electric systems and are more used to tinkering with a car, then gas golf carts might be your best bet.
  • Where will you store your golf cart? If there is not a power supply and electricity readily available, then gas golf carts will probably be your best choice. While most campgrounds have electricity available, some more remote camping areas do not.
  • How long of a distance will you drive, on average, in your golf cart? If you are driving more than 10 miles each way (for example, if you are driving into town and you drive 12 miles each way), then gas golf carts are probably your best option. Or, contrarily, you might only need a golf cart a few days a year. Gas golf carts are your best choice since you do not have to worry about a battery and how long it will hold a charge.
  • You should also consider the terrain of where you will need a golf cart. If the ground is rocky and/or hilly, then you should definitely look at gas golf carts. They tend to have just a bit more power, and that can really help when it comes to going uphill. This is great for maintenance crews and for those who live or vacation in areas that have frequent elevation changes.
  • The costs of operating an electric golf cart vs. a gas golf cart are comparable. The main difference is that the costs of operating gas golf carts are smaller but more frequent than electric golf carts.

These are just a handful of reasons you might want to look into gas golf carts!

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How to Choose the Perfect Custom Golf Cart

Golf carts are incredibly versatile. You don’t just find them on the golf course anymore. They can be found in a variety of settings: from farms to retirement communities to vacation homes and everything in between, golf carts are in demand! We specialize in custom golf carts in Andover and the surrounding areas, and we have helped many customers get the custom golf cart they’ve always wanted. Here are a few things you should think about when deciding on yours and all that you want it to have.

The first thing you should think about is if you want a gas or electric powered golf cart. There are advantages to both, so it’s really all about your own personal preference as well as what you are going to use the golf cart for and what kind of terrain you are going to use it on.

Custom golf carts also come in a variety of body styles and colors. You might want something flashy in a bright and vibrant color, or you might prefer to stick to white or cream colored. Again, this is a personal preference that might be dictated by what purpose your new golf cart will serve.

Seat material is another important consideration. Seats can come in a variety of materials so think about your favorite type. If you want something a bit more luxurious, you might gravitate more toward leather. But fabric seats are just as nice and they are usually easier to care for too.

Another big consideration is how many seats you want. Custom golf carts can come with different seating options. You might only need four seats for a golf cart that you are going to use around your retirement community, but for purposes like ambulance or limo carts, we can add more than just a few seats. Let us know what you need your custom golf cart for and we can help you decide how many seats you will need.

What other specifications do you want your custom golf cart to have? We can help you figure out other customized aspects. For example, do you want headlights? If you plan on driving in the dark or even during the early evening and twilight hours, you will want them.

We can help you customize your golf cart so you get exactly what you want.

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The Many Benefits of Electric Golf Carts

At RM Golf Carts, we sell many different kinds of golf carts, and among the most popular types are electric golf carts. Minneapolis residents love these carts and with good reason! Electric golf carts are a great way to get around, plus they are environmentally friendly. Here are a few reasons you should consider buying or renting this type of golf cart.

First of all, in general, electric golf carts are more cost effective to purchase and use. Because they run on a battery, you will not have to worry about buying gas for it. Also because of that, electric golf carts are more eco-friendly. You simply have to plug your golf cart in to recharge the battery.

Electric golf carts are excellent for terrain that is relatively flat and even. This makes them ideal for golf courses, retirement communities and areas like that. Electric golf carts run quietly too, so they are a good option for quiet areas. They are also easy to handle, and they will safely get you from one spot to another.

With minimal maintenance costs, electric golf carts are an excellent option if you want a low-maintenance golf cart that will still get you around. The cost of a new battery depends on the type of golf cart you purchase, as well as the battery itself, but you only have to replace them every 7 to 10 years. Over time, the money you save on gas will definitely add up!

And as one of the most popular types of golf carts on the market today, there is a huge variety available for sale, especially here at RM Golf Carts. You are sure to find the perfect electric golf cart to meet your needs. Golfers and those who live in quiet communities should definitely consider electric golf carts. They are a practical purchase that can provide you and your loved ones years of enjoyment with the proper care and maintenance. Electric golf carts are designed for all-day operation, so that means you can take them out on the golf course or somewhere similar for hours at a time and the carts should operate smoothly and without any problems.

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