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Advantages of Gas Golf Carts

If you are doing some research into the different types of golf carts that are available, you might be learning more about gas golf carts and all of their benefits. We sell gas golf carts near Plymouth, and here is a list of reasons you might consider a gas golf cart.

  • Do you have a big family? If so, keep that in mind when looking at gas golf carts. You do not have to worry about charging your golf cart if you get a gas one. You just have to make sure that it has gas in it.
  • If you are not well versed in electric systems and are more used to tinkering with a car, then gas golf carts might be your best bet.
  • Where will you store your golf cart? If there is not a power supply and electricity readily available, then gas golf carts will probably be your best choice. While most campgrounds have electricity available, some more remote camping areas do not.
  • How long of a distance will you drive, on average, in your golf cart? If you are driving more than 10 miles each way (for example, if you are driving into town and you drive 12 miles each way), then gas golf carts are probably your best option. Or, contrarily, you might only need a golf cart a few days a year. Gas golf carts are your best choice since you do not have to worry about a battery and how long it will hold a charge.
  • You should also consider the terrain of where you will need a golf cart. If the ground is rocky and/or hilly, then you should definitely look at gas golf carts. They tend to have just a bit more power, and that can really help when it comes to going uphill. This is great for maintenance crews and for those who live or vacation in areas that have frequent elevation changes.
  • The costs of operating an electric golf cart vs. a gas golf cart are comparable. The main difference is that the costs of operating gas golf carts are smaller but more frequent than electric golf carts.

These are just a handful of reasons you might want to look into gas golf carts!

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