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Caring for Electric Golf Carts

electric golf carts plymouth RM golf cartsThe best way to make sure your new electric golf cart stays in good shape for as long as possible is by taking good care of it, especially its battery. You want to make sure the battery well cared for since that is what powers your cart, so here are a few tips from us on how to care for it. And when you want more information on electric golf carts near Plymouth, call us or visit our showroom.

The first thing you should do is check the water level of your battery every month or every other month if you have an unsealed battery. Keep it filled with the proper amount of water, and be sure not to overfill it. Make sure the plates are not exposed to the air either since that can cause them to corrode.

Some of the most common problems with electric golf carts and their batteries is when people undercharge the batteries. You should not allow your cart to sit inactive for more than two months, and you should not continually operate electric golf carts when the battery is only partially charged. Avoid storing the battery when it is fully discharged. This can lead to the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates, which means you will have to buy a new battery.

But be careful because overcharging can cause problems for electric golf carts too. If you continually overcharge the battery, it can cause accelerated corrosion of the positive plates, too much water consumption and, sometimes, damaging temperatures within the lead acid battery.

While you should not have to worry about getting a new battery any time in the near future if you just bought a new golf cart, one of the first signs that you need a new battery will be when the battery doesn’t work for as long as it used to. Keep an eye on your battery, and take note of about how long a charge usually lasts. As soon as there is a noticeable decrease in that time, you should start looking into getting a new one.

With some basic care and maintenance, electric golf carts are a great choice for a variety of uses: from getting around on the golf course to getting around the campground and more.

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