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Winter Golf Cart Storage & Getting Your Golf Cart Spring-Ready

As a golf cart owner, you know how fun owning a golf cart can be in all seasons. But, it is important to take care of your golf cart through the winter and get it prepared for spring. As your premier golf cart repair in Brooklyn Park, we have a few great tips to keep your golf cart in tip top shape through the winter by winterizing it and getting it ready for spring adventures.

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Cleaning & Winter Storage

First, if weather permits, thoroughly clean your cart before storing it. Simply use soap, water and possibly a degreaser to remove dirt and mud. Properly storing your golf cart in cold weather can help keep your golf cart in top notch condition. At RM Golf Carts we provide golf cart storage, so when you’re ready, give us a call to learn more!
Battery care is essential to maximizing the life of your battery-powered cart. It should be fully charged before you store it. Or, for a gas powered cart, first review your owner’s manual for the proper preventative steps for the storage of your golf cart. Then, make sure your tires are inflated and your fuel shut off valve is in the off position. Then, deplete your fuel lines, draining all fuel into a bowl or fuel container. If you are uncomfortable performing this step of winterization, simply take your golf cart to the golf cart repair experts at RM Golf Carts.

Out of Storage and Ready for Spring

After keeping your golf cart in storage during the frigid winter months, it will eventually be time to get it out and tune it up for spring and summer use!

A Good Wash

Before you put your golf cart into storage you gave it a good cleaning, right? Well, after sitting in storage for several months, your golf cart has likely collected some dust. So, enjoy the new warm weather and take it out for a good rinse!


Since you charged your batteries for your battery powered carts before storing them, simply take a look for any corrosion. If your cart won’t start, you may need to replace the battery. Do not attempt to jump-start! Serious damage could be done if you try to do so, it’s better to take your cart in to have it looked at.

Tire Pressure & Brakes

Make sure your tires are properly inflated and haven’t gone flat during storage. If you have a gas-powered cart, this is a great time to refuel your cart. Next, and this is very important, check your brakes! Make sure they are working like they should be and if your brake pads are worn down, consider having them replaced.

Bring it In

Make sure all of your bolts are fastened and your screws tightened. At RM Golf Carts, our friendly professionals are ready to take care of all of your golf cart repair needs and that includes getting your golf cart ready for spring and summer use! We can take a look at everything; letting you know what repairs you may need and even give you some more tips on getting your cart ready for winter next year.

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