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What to Think about When Buying Golf Cart Accessories

When you’re buying golf cart accessories near Oak Grove, you might be wondering what to think about before you visit our showroom. Sure, you might already know what you need, but there are also a few things to consider before you head down.

For one thing, there are two main types of golf cart accessories and parts. You can get what are known as “OEM” parts. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” and these are the parts made by the actual golf cart accessories manufacturers and are generally used on the golf carts they make.

You can also let us know if you’re in the market for custom golf cart accessories, which we can help with as well. While custom parts and accessories might cost you a bit more, you get the exact part or accessory you are looking for. For example, you might want a specific type or style of seat and maybe there is no manufacturer out there who makes exactly what you want. In this case, you can talk to us about what you want and we can take it from there. We can let you know if we are able to make the part you want (chances are, we can!), and we can work out the specific details with you.

For custom parts, you can even bring in a drawing or a picture of what you have in mind for your golf cart accessories. That way, we have a more concrete idea of what you are looking for, and we can start the customization process and give you an idea of how much your new golf cart accessories and parts might cost. We can talk to you in greater detail about your wants and needs too.

However, OEM parts can be just as useful, especially when it comes to parts and accessories like lights and batteries. For batteries in particular, you want to be sure you get the exact right one for your electric golf cart. We can assist you with this as well so you definitely get the battery you need so your golf cart continues to operate as it should.

Regardless of what golf cart accessories you need, custom or OEM, we can help and we are always happy to answer your questions!

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