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The Best Golf Carts for Seniors

If you’re looking for an easy way to get around your retirement community or golf course, then you’re likely in the market for a new golf cart. And as a senior, you’re also probably looking for something that is practical, will last and is easy to maintain. At RM Golf Carts we offer a variety of different golf carts including gas powered, refurbished and electric golf carts in the Otsego area. And, we get a few questions about what golf carts are best for seniors. And although we have customers of all ages and even commercial customers, we would like to help the senior community today by discussing the right golf cart for their unique needs.
Every day, countless seniors rely on golf carts to get around quickly and safely. So what are the best golf carts for seniors? Read about them below:

Refurbished Golf Carts

For customers on a budget who also require reliability, refurbished or pre-owned golf carts are a great option. Refurbished golf carts are the best value for your money, as you’re getting a high quality vehicle at a fraction of the price.

Custom Golf Carts

Why not have some fun with your golf cart? At RM Golf Carts we can customize an electric golf cart to meet your unique needs as a senior. Love to golf? We can customize for that. Need a place for groceries? We can make it happen! We will build, paint, stretch and lift anything to suit your needs. We have a talented and experienced staff to help show you the latest and greatest options available to create customized golf carts. Electric or gas-powered, we can meet all of your golf cart servicing or customizing needs!

Electric Golf Carts

With minimal maintenance costs, electric golf carts are an excellent option for seniors that want a low-maintenance golf cart that will still get them around. In general, electric golf carts are more cost effective to purchase and use. Because they run on a battery, you will not have to worry about buying gas for it. Also because of that, electric golf carts are more eco-friendly. You simply have to plug your golf cart in to recharge the battery.

And, Electric golf carts are excellent for terrain that is relatively flat and even. This makes them ideal for golf courses, retirement communities and areas like that are frequented by seniors. And, most retirement communities don’t allow their noisier counterpart; the gas powered golf cart.

At RM Golf Carts you are sure to find the perfect electric golf cart to meet your needs as a senior. Golfers and those who live in quiet communities should definitely consider electric golf carts.

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