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Are Gas Golf Carts the Right Choice for You?

If you are doing some research into the different types of golf carts available to choose from, you might be learning more about gas golf carts and all of their benefits. We sell gas golf carts near Oak Grove, and would like to put together a few of the reasons you might want to choose a gas golf cart for your use.gas golf carts

Overall, all golf carts are a great way to get you where you need to go. Operating in much the same way a car does, a gas golf cart will not require a charge, just the obvious and constant gas refills once the tank runs towards empty. The general mechanics of gas golf carts are a lot like those of a car. So, if you are comfortable in your gas powered vehicle, even as far as general repair, this may be the golf cart type for you.

On average, how long of a distance will you be driving your golf cart? Just around your property or all around your community? If you are driving more than 10 miles each way (for example, if you are driving into town and you drive 12 miles each way), then gas golf carts are probably your best option. Or, contrarily, you might only need a golf cart a few days a year. Gas golf carts are your best choice since you do not have to worry about a battery and how long it will hold a charge.

More powerful than your electric golf cart counterparts, gas golf carts are better to use on hilly or uneven terrain, possessing the power to push itself over. What is the terrain like at the location you will be using your golf cart? This can make an impact on the type of golf cart you choose.

Where will you be storing your golf cart? If there is no power supply or electricity readily available, then gas golf carts will probably be your best choice. While most campgrounds have electricity available, some more remote camping areas do not.

In general, the costs of operating an electric golf cart vs. a gas golf cart are comparable. The main difference is that the costs of operating gas golf carts are smaller but more frequent than electric golf carts.

After considering these key points and if you decide a gas golf cart will work best for your needs, then stop by and see what models we have in stock! Or, if you decide an electric golf cart might be best, we have plenty of those as well! And, we can tell you all about their many benefits.

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