Ambulance Carts

RM Golf Carts can engineer ambulance carts, or Emergency Rescue Vehicles (ERVs), out of golf carts. ERVs can be custom-built and equipped to be used as ambulances with a built-in stretcher bay.

Medical companies, fire departments and other organizations can use these ERVs for large and small gatherings. Their medical personnel can use these ambulance carts to carry medical supplies while the personnel are on duty inside large convention centers or outside patrolling large events. We all know: the faster medical personnel can get to patients, the more lives they can save.

Here are just some of the ambulance carts that RM Golf Carts in Ramsey, Minnesota has built for our customers.

If you are interested in getting more information about ambulance carts, call RM Golf Carts at 763-323-1970 or Contact Us.